Chinese Five Spice
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Ground Organic Chinese Five Spice
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Chinese Five Spice
Chinese Five Spice is a seasoning blend with five classic spices; Fennel, Cinnamon, Aniseed, Cloves and Ginger. Five spice powder is one of the essential base seasonings for much of Chinese cooking. A little of this pungent mix goes a long way, giving dishes a balanced hit of sweet, savoury, bitter, and sour.

Five-spice powder is a fantastic addition to savoury meat dishes, and we often use it in marinades or dry rubs for beef, duck, and pork. We’ll also add a pinch to vegetable stir-fries, rice dishes, and even some baked goods for the unexpected and warming flavours.

“How long do spices last?”

Depends on both the type of spice and the conditions under which they are stored. Correctly dried and stored spices, do not actually spoil. But over time, they will lose their potency, aroma and flavour.

As a general rule, whole dried spices (not been ground) will last much longer than ground and can last for 1 to 3 years. Pre-ground spices do still always work very well but if possible buy the spice whole and grind it just before you use it. It is also never a bad idea to freeze any spare, try to remove as much air as possible and make sure it is kept sealed in the freezer to avoid moisture.

Here are some tips for maximising the shelf life of your spices:
• Store in an airtight container.
• Store in a cool, dark cupboard.
• Store away from direct heat or sunlight.
• Keep lid tightly closed when not in use.