Buckwheat Flakes


Organic Buckwheat Flakes
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Organic Toasted Buckwheat Flakes
Buckwheat flakes are a delicious addition to any wheat-free recipe, porridge or muesli.

Buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum), also known as common buckwheat, Japanese buckwheat and silverhull buckwheat, is a plant cultivated for its grain-like seeds and as a cover crop. A related and more bitter species, Fagopyrum tataricum, a domesticated food plant common in Asia, but not as common in Europe or North America is also referred to as buckwheat.

Despite the name, buckwheat is not related to wheat, as it is not a grass. Instead, buckwheat is related to sorrel, knotweed, and rhubarb. Because its seeds are eaten and rich in complex carbohydrates, it is referred to as a pseudocereal. The cultivation of buckwheat grain declined sharply in the 20th century with the adoption of nitrogen fertilizer that increased the productivity of other staples.

Whole grains must be stored a bit more carefully than their refined counterparts since the healthy oils found largely in the germ of whole grains can be negatively affected by heat, light and moisture.

Because each grain has a different fat content, their shelf lives vary. In general, follow these rules of thumb:

Whole Intact Grains: The shelf life of whole intact grains, like wheat berries or brown rice, is a bit longer than flours. If stored properly in airtight containers, intact grains will keep for up to 9 months on a cool, dry pantry shelf or up to a year in the freezer.

Whole Grain Flours and Meals: In general, whole grain flours spoil more quickly than intact grains, because their protective bran layer has been broken up and oxygen can reach all parts of the grain. If stored properly in airtight containers, most whole grain flours and meals will keep for up to 6 months on a cool, dry pantry shelf or 9 months in the freezer.

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