Brazil Nuts
Organic Whole


Whole Organic Brazil Nuts
Product of: Bolivia
Nett Weight: 125g / 500g / 1kg / 2.5kg

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Whole Organic Brazil Nuts
With the scientific name of Bertholletia excelsa, Brazil nuts are a nutrient-dense and delicious type of nut that comes from a tree in South America that bears the same name. The tree is native to South American countries, including Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, and Brazil and can often be found along the banks of major rivers. It’s quite a large tree, so the harvest of Brazil nuts is very large. It is a major exported nut from the South American continent, and can now be found throughout the world. The question is, why has this relatively abundant nut become such a phenomenon around the world? Well, the intense nutrient content makes these nuts extremely valuable as a healthy food that can successfully improve health and reduce the chances of a wide range of conditions. As one of the healthiest nuts on the market, despite its high-fat content, there is a huge demand for these delicious brown nuts. 

Store your nuts in a sealed container in a cool, dark cupboard or pantry. Most nuts will keep for up to six months that way, but as with most foods, the sooner you eat them, the better they’ll taste. The refrigerator will gain you a month or two more in shelf life. But the best spot is in the freezer. They’ll stay fresh and crunchy for at least a year that way, and probably longer. No matter what, keep nuts in a sealed container. They can easily pick up other odours, and the more you expose them to air, the quicker the oils in them will turn rancid.

Some benefits of proper food storage include eating healthier, cutting food costs and helping the environment by avoiding waste.

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