Coronavirus (COVID-19) Risk Management Statement

Please read the following information prior to your arrival. It explains measures that we have put in place to minimise the risk of coronorvirus transmission between guests and staff. It also provides guidance on what to do in the unfortunate event of contracting signs of the virus during your stay. To adhere to social distancing guidelines, this includes important and helpful information for your stay, including the facilities available, instructions on using appliances and information on fire prevention and what to do in the event of a fire.

The information is also available on site in your accomodation. Should you have any questions or comments please do get in touch with us, we will always try to be helpful.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Risk Management Statement For Holiday Let Guests at Hay Meadow Farm. Updated July 2020

We want to ensure that you enjoy your stay with us to the full, assured that your health and safety is protected.

In line with governement regulations we have reduced risk to the lowest reasonably practical level by taking the following preventative measures:

  • Thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting all guest areas prior to reopening using an enhanced level of cleaning, details are available upon request.
  • Providing antibacterial hand soap or sanitiser in all staff and guest areas, staff to wash hands regularly including before and after entering guest areas.
  • Additional cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces in sleeping accomodation units between guests vacating and new guests arriving, including a full checklist of hand contact surfaces.
  • Guest keys to be cleaned between reservations and left in rooms for new guests to handle, so that social distancing is kept.
  • In order to support NHS Test and Traceguest records are to be temporarily kept for 21 days following vacation of the premises, including a lead name for the group, couple or individual; contact phone number; arrival and departure dates and times.
  • Social distancing measures to be adhered to at all times with the exception of the event of an emergency making such measures unsafe.
  • Sanitation measures to be sought immediately afterwards where assistance to others has been provided. Please use the hand sanitiser or handwashing facilities on your entry to the premises and regularly throughout your stay.
  • Please consider ventilating rooms and maintaining a high level of room cleanliness during your stay.
  • A range of cleaning products are stored in the kitchen cupboard under the sink. A broom is provided for your use in the utility room. On vacating the accomodation, please leave windows open to ensure that there is no airborne virus in the property.
  • For guests staying over a week: Clean sets of towels and bedding are stored in the cupboard in your bedroom.
  • Please place dirty towels and linen into the plastic bags provided with the clean sets at the end of each week or as needed. Please place bags at the front door, we will collect these to be laundered.
  • Please arrange a time with us during your stay for us to clean the holiday let for your comfort whilst you are out. Please leave windows open prior to our entry to ensure that there is no airborne virus in the accomodation.
  • Please self isolate in your room and inform a member of staff immediately via telephone or email. Contact details are provided at the end of this article. Guests of the same party are also asked to self-isolate in their rooms. Arrangements for testing should then be sought. Following a positive test, guests are asked to travel to their own usual place of residence if they reasonable can. They are asked to use their own private transport where it is safe and possible to do so. Should this not be possible, individual circumstances are to be discussed with an appropriate health care professional. Next steps to be agreed with us on an individual basis in terms of meal and laundry provision, room cleanliness and any other individual needs.